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4 Apps in the Android Market!

2 Weeks after the first release…

Easy 3D Camera
Easy Wiggle Image Creator
Facts about me
Easy Night Vision

Try them all!


Update to Version 1.0.1

An update was necessary one day after release, because the app was not visible in the market on phones with no autofocus.


Released the free and full version…

Looked at a competitor… his app is worse in my opinion, but has >250000 downloads…

First Android app “finished”

well, it’s version 1.0…

Easy 3D Camera

(I couldn’t come up with a better name)

Download it from the Android Market soon and try it out… the free version is limited to taking max. 20 pictures and shows some ads. The full version has no ads and limits.

you can:

Take and view 3D pictures. The pictures can be viewed in several modes like anaglyph with selectable glasses colors, “wiggle” and manual movement with accelerometer or swiping.

You can take more than 2 images to be able to see a 3D image with movement from side to side… finally you can see behind objects in an image 😉

Or use the wiggle mode to create a little 9 frames short film of one second 😉

you can not:

– create stop motion movies longer than 9 images

– create and export 3D models from stereo images

– upload anything to any service (who will be able to look at it? only users of this app, so send the images to them manually. This is Android, find the pictures on your sd card 😉 )